Bringing Structur to Construction Business

Structur will provide a place for the systems and processes every construction business desperately needs to be successful

Structur will be your new home to build systems & processes with checklists/forms/templates etc so your business can run without you.

When you have meetings, do you send a recap email with the notes? Do you have a pre-built format for your different meeting types? Build Meeting types, store notes, see all your meeting recaps, and much more all within Structur.

How do you train your staff? How do you really know they truly understand their role? Use Structur to create custom Quizzes. Build dynamic questions and answers, see their scores, and track progress all within Structur!

How do you keep your team accountable to their responsibilities? Assign Tasks within Structur to monitor progress and keep the team accountable. View Kanban boards of open projects, responsibilities, and much more!

The Structur Team is extremely excited to build all of our ideas into the software, but software development is complex and it takes time to get it right. We are focused on building the absolute BEST software for construction business, so we are going to start out with basic core features to get our software into your hands. Our Beta version will include features like: Task Management, Receipt Management, Vision Creation, Meeting Logs, Quizzes, etc. Then we will move forward with the more complex features of construction project management, etc!

With so many details to keep track of within your business, Structur is the place to keep it all. One place. One software solution. The Structur that your business desperately needs!

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At first, Structur will focus on the business side of the construction business to help construction business owners reduce the stress of running their business, then once that is successfully launched, we will begin to focus on the construction management features.

Structur is not intended to replace Quickbooks, Xero, Sage etc at this moment in time.

Structur is being built and it is our goal to have our Beta version available in 2024. Join our waitlist above to get our updates! Also, follow us on Instagram @structur_software